About Mystique apple ciders

Mystique cider

The Minot Cider House, located on the picturesque Covey Hill road in Hemmingford, features one of the oldest orchards in Quebec, with gravelly soils and a microclimate ideal for cider production. This small apple cider business, always on the lookout for innovations, associated itself in 1998 with McAuslan microbrewery. Together, they created the Covey Hill Cidery and its Mystique sparkling apple cider to integrate the market of grocery stores, bars, and restaurants. Mystique sparkling apple cider is produced by the Minot Cider House, then carbonated and bottled by McAuslan micro-brewery, who also distributes the product.

In 2009, the Minot Cider House acquired the McAuslan micro-brewery’s share of Covey Hill Cidery.

At this time the packaging of Mystique apple cider is rejuvenated, the small 250 ml bottle is chosen to best fit the size of cider consumption. Mystique sparkling apple cider is now produced entirely at the Minot Cider House and can benefit from the closed tank facilities and get its effervescence naturally with a second fermentation. The Mystique apple cider becomes the only cider available in kegs and small sized bottles produced in a closed tank in Quebec.

At the same time, Covey Hill Cidery retains its identity for marketing Mystique apple cider…This very special cider.